Born in 2013, Sherbet London Taxis Limited is the vision of founder and CEO Asher Moses. Asher started his career in taxis back in the 1980s when he became a London Green Badge driver. Asher still has a valid Green Badge today.

Sherbet have 3 platforms to their business;


Sherbet Drive – Licensed Taxis available to rent to Licensed Taxi Drivers & Garage Services including an LEVC Warranty Garage for all servicing and repairs on the LEVC TXE


Sherbet Ride – Electric Taxis available to be booked by customers who want a guaranteed Electric Taxi for Safe and Sustainable travel


Sherbet Advertise – This is our media platform where we sell advertising space on taxis to help Companies promote their brand to the public.

1. Sustainability

We care about our future and our future generations future. Sherbet are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and that’s why we are investing in the Electric Taxi. Sherbet is about delivering today for tomorrow

2. Technology

Technology underpins all our solutions
to all our customers. It provides
seamless integrations and enables us to
deliver for our customers. We use our
data to drive business decisions, deliver
services & solutions to our customers.

3. Trust

Sherbet believe that trust is essential in every aspect of our day to day business with our customers.
We are open, honest and transparent with our customers from our first introduction. We accept success and mistake with grace.

4 . Respect

Sherbet respect everyone.

Our business has been built on respect, 4 inclusion and diversity.

5. Family

Sherbet was built on family values and family comes first at Sherbet.

Our team are our family and our customers are our extended family.

To learn more about Sherbet, visit
or contact us direct on