Here is what Sherbet customers say

2020 Sherbet London Driver Survey Highlights

94% of our EV drivers are ‘happy’ renting from Sherbet
9 out of 10 EV feel proud to work for Sherbet
9 out of 10 EV drivers say they will continue to rent from
9 out of 10 drivers would recommend renting from Sherbet

Quotes from London Taxi Drivers who rent Electric Taxis from Sherbet:

“This is the best company I’ve ever rented from and I’ve been a driver for 30 years”

“Asher listens to the drivers”

“I can’t think of anything to ask Management for, they do a great job already”

“I was unsure about the Electric Taxi but the Sherbet driver induction and test drive put my mind at ease and I have never looked back. Charging is not the barrier I thought it would be.”

“Cabs are always of a high quality and when something does go wrong, Sherbet have support in place to help me out”